We can also integrate different technologies and finishes, and combine some of them with each other in the project development to guarantee a complete and optimized delivery according to the expected results.

Prototype manufacturing

Silicone molds

Silicone molds for the vacuum manufacturing of prototype parts or short runs, in polyurethane resin from a master piece machined in ABS, PMMA, PC or others.

Vacuum casting of PU

Vacuum casting of PU for pre-series or prototypes in polyurethane with different properties for the industrial and automotive sectors.

Manufacture of foams in PU and Expanded Polystyrene (CNC)

Manufacture of foams in PU and Expanded Polystyrene (CNC), to work flexible parts with soft or low-density elastomers for different uses and with multiple final finishes.

Projected polyurethane

With great strength and adaptability, polyurethane is one of the materials with the greatest number of possibilities for application and innovation. We develop it in a rigid format especially indicated for automotive parts.

Carbon fibre

Vacuum lamination of carbon fiber and fiberglass

The vacuum lamination of carbon fiber and glass, joined by epoxy resins, forms pieces of great strength, great adaptability to curved shapes, without joints and extremely light.

Lined pieces with carbon fiber

Lined with carbon parts, widely used in the automotive industry to improve aesthetics, customize and give exclusivity (embellishments, steering wheels, mirrors and moldings among many possibilities).

Finishes and improvements


Painted, metallic, flocked and textured finishes on any surface and final pieces.

Upholstered and lined

Upholstered and lined in an artisanal way, with synthetic, organic materials, carpets and leathers that allow different finishes and customizations. Specialty in steering wheels, knobs, armrests, doors and ceilings.


Solutions for handling, assembling and carving-up all types of compositions.

Layout and modification of serial production pieces

Retouching, modifications, adaptation and re-styling of parts according to customer requirements. A single or large amount can be reworked.


High resolution three-dimensional laser scanning that enables great versatility of measurements, on parts up to 3m. Dimensional reports and reverse engineering.



Matt, shiny and textured vinyl applications to achieve different finishes and appearance, improving or modifying the original aesthetic.

Vehicle camouflages

Integrating different volumes and vinyls, we can alter the original morphology to distort the appearance of the vehicle.

Integration of external specialized services

3D printing

Stereolithography Laser sintering FDM Multi Jet Fusion 3D Metal Printing


Machining of parts and molds in aluminum and resin


Small and large format


Of all kinds of pieces

Superficial finishes

Painted Varnished Metallic Chrome Anodized Flocked Laser